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Our Mission

Cultivating Changemakers

"Our mission is to cultivate a new generation of nature lovers and changemakers for a sustainable future."

By reaching beyond the walls of the classroom and preparing children for the challenges and uncertainties of the 21st Century, our online hub is designed to empower teachers and other educators to cultivate the changemakers of tomorrow.​

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Our Mission

Values We Hold

By Educators, For Educators

We see the immense value in immersing young people in outdoor and experiential education from a young age.

Hands-on learning beyond the walls of the classroom is a powerful and transformative process, which can result in a diverse range of positive learner outcomes that enrich both the classroom and, society, as a whole.

"Our vision is that the next generation of children become informed, responsible, and actively engaged global citizens and changemakers, capable of guiding us towards a sustainable future."

At Outdoortopia, we strive to share ideas and knowledge with educators of all disciplines and provide the educational tools and resources to cultivate changemakers for a bright, sustainable future.

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Our Values
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