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Let Teachers Do What They Do Best. Let Them Teach!

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Teachers have always had a big remit to fulfill. They're expected to mentor successive generations towards a bright future by providing pastoral care, while at the same time equipping our bright young minds of tomorrow with new knowledge and skills today. That’s no small task and one that we must get right if we are to going to successfully prepare children for the uncertainties and challenges of the 21st Century.

"Change, as it is sometimes remarked, is the only constant in education. Just like anything, education is evolving and innovation is happening in our classrooms and beyond every day."

Education, Education, Education!

There are few job roles which come with such a pivotal responsibility for society as a whole. However, because of its central role in society, education has a tendency to become a punch bag for successive governments elected to power. Each new government term in office brings with it a new Education Minister hoping to make their mark on education, bringing new curriculum content and learning objectives, new ways of assessing child progress and new processes for monitoring the quality of our schools.

“We must never forget that progress and innovation in education almost always come from front-line teachers and school leaders themselves, and not by government ministers who are invariably unqualified to direct education practices and make informed decisions in the best interests of new generations of children coming through our schools today.” continue reading, go to my original published article by clicking here and going to Education Influence...

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